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4/30/15 - The BearTrap - Tuscaloosa, AL

    Butter Biscuit, Tar Balls, Baked Beans, Chicken & Waffles, Protect Each Other Together, Insect


4/23/15 - The Islander - Pensacola, FL

    Set 1: Butter Biscuit, Stratus, Strausburg St. Denis, Hang Up Your Hang Ups, Traphouse, Unleashed

    Set 2: Sabeck-Ra, Roll The Tape, Tar Balls, Chicken & Waffles, Insect


4/22/15 - Pi On Broadway - Ocala, FL

    Set 1: Roll The Tape, Stausburg St. Denis, Baked Beans, Butter Biscuit, Funky Armageddon, Watermelon Man, Christmas Tree

     Set 2: Hang Up Your Hang Ups, Traphouse, Listen Here, Stratus, Juggernaut

    Set 3: Protect Each other Together, Tar Balls, Chicken & Waffles


4/21/15 - Red Lion Pub - Orlando, FL

    Butter Biscuit, Juggernaut, Hang Up Your Hangups, Chicken & Waffles, Tar Balls, Funky Armageddon, Insect


4/20/15 - Amsterdam - St Petersburg, FL

    Funky Armageddon, Chicken & Waffles, Butter Biscuit, 1st mvmt, Tar Balls, Greenhouse Effect, Protect Each Other Together


4/17/15 - Superfunk Family Jam - Baton Rouge, LA

    Set 1: Maiden Voyage, Baked Beans, Mercy Mercy Mercy, Boogie On Reggae Woman, Superstitious, God Make Me Funky, Hang Up Your Hangups, Roll the Tape

    Set 2: Stratus, Try A Little Tenderness, Can I Get A Witness, Grease Piece, Butter Biscuit, Eat That Question, Cissy Strut

    Set 3: The Chicken, Sex Machine, Slow Blues in E, Strausburg St. Denis, People Say, Blues Jam, Watermelon Man, Listen Here, Tar Balls


3/21/15 – RevFest – Fort Walton, FL

    Tar Balls, Chicken & Waffles, Funky Armageddon, Insect


3/20/15 – Tanqueray’s – Orlando, FL

     Baked Beans, Funky Armageddon, Dare-Dawg, Protect Each Other, Traphouse, Juggernaut, Insect, Tar Balls


3/19/15 – The Islander – Pensacola, FL

    Set 1: Unleashed, Baked Beans, Christmas Tree, Spirit Journey, Tar Balls, The Snaffe, Get Funk’d

     Set 2: Protect Each Other, Juggernaut, Chicken & Waffles, Greenhouse Effect, Funky Armageddon, Insect





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