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"Captain Green is the type of band you never get a full handle on. One second they're the swampiest funk band you've ever heard. At the drop of a dime, they're playing pulsing jazz that leaves you weak in the knees. Next thing you know, their psychedelia sends you halfway to the moon." - Brett Hutchins - Out And About Pensacola


"Captain Green is a perfect proponent of the Louisiana music tradition... They use jazz as a launching pad to get to space, and, boy, do they ever get there!" - Scott - Tie Your Shoes Reviews


"Captain Green took over DC’s Forest Stage promptly at noon and was such a refreshing way to start the second day! I had never heard of these guys before, but I am definitely a big fan now. I couldn’t even pull myself away to do anything else. Their jazzy, funkadelic New Orleans sound was some kind of slippery electric eel swimming through all kinds of fascinating musical soundscapes. That aqueous flowing serpent proved to have some fierce soul too as it pushed just as triumphantly through some heavy jams at full speed." - 'Riding The High Seas Of Funk!' by Sean Dorsett, Shows I Go To


"Since the Forest Stage was a short stumble from my tent, I started the day with Captain Green. This jazz-funkfusion band out of Baton Rouge got everybody fired up, shuffling off any lingering chill from the night before. Their latest CD, "Protect Each Other Together" is a trippy, tour de force that is definitely worth a listen." - 'Bear Creek Brings The Funk On Down' by John Wayne Phillips, Leeway's Homegrown Music Network

“Within the show, it’s easy to unconsciously get swept into a crowd-spanning groove to the band’s fusion blend of jazz, soul and funk – a mesmerizing infectious wave you can’t see coming. Dancers have been known to randomly pop out of the crowds, twirling hula-hoops or lights.”

— Jake Clapp, DIG Magazine

"If you’re going to bill yourselves as “Louisiana’s premier intergalactic space jazz band,” you’d best be prepared to back it up. Captain Green, the Baton Rouge sextet has been touring relentlessly to demonstrate exactly that, and the band’s brand new album, Protect Each Other Together, puts an exclamation point on it. They’ve stirred rock, funk, jazz, New Orleans, and gospel in the gumbo pot, with delicious results." - Scott - Artists on the Rise

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